Bad List - Web Series


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Genre: Thriller ! Drama | Crime
Type: Web Series
Director: Giancarlo Giuliano
Status: Scriptwriting
Country: Italy 2018
Language: English

THE STORY - Synopsis

Michael Webb is a doctor working in a hospital. He takes care of children waiting for organ donors. At the end of the day, when the sun is down, Dr. Michael Webb looks for criminals and bad guys to kill, but his actions don't seem to be so bad. Is he a good man or a cruel serial killer to stop at any cost?


In the last years we had several successful TV Series with lead characters living two different and opposite lives, for example "DEXTER" or "BREAKING BAD".
Good and Evil, Yin and Yang, Black and White, two sides inside the same character that make you love and hate Michael Webb at the same time.


We are open to partnerships and sponsors. Feel free to contact us to promote yourself or your product during the web show.


We are still hiring cast and crew. If you want to be part of the web series, feel free to send us a brief letter with cv and pictures attached.
Please, send everything to: casting (at) - using "BAD LIST - Actor" as subject, with "Actor" as the role you're applying for.


Watch the episodes:
Trailer: Work in progress
Episode 0: Work in progress

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